Finance and Accounting

BULATSA collects air navigation charges for the use of navigation aids and air traffic services within the airport terminal areas and for the provision of air navigation services to overflying traffic in the controlled airspace of the Republic of Bulgaria. The route charges are calculated on the basis of a cost base established in compliance with the EUROCONTROL principles for establishment of the cost base of air navigation services and for the calculation of the unit rate. The main revenue of BULATSA is derived from air navigation charges, invoiced and collected by EUROCONTROL, as set up by the provisions of the Multilateral Agreement on Route Charges. Apart from route charges BULATSA's activities are financed by credit funds, deposit interests, grants, donations, provision of training courses and other services related to the main activity. BULATSA's activities are not funded from the state budget.

The funds accrued are spent on the financing of BULATSA's operations, acquisition of assets, search and rescue activities, staff and training programmes, implementation of programmes for the development of the national ATM system and fulfilment of the obligations ensuing from commitments to international agreements, etc.


Financial documents

Annual Report and Financial Statements 2014
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Annual Report and Financial Statements 2013
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Annual Report and Financial Statements 2012
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Annual Report and Financial Statements 2011
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Annual Report and Financial Statements 2010
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Annual Report and Financial Statements 2009
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Financial Statements 2008
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Financial Statements 2007
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Financial Statements 2006
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