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Meteorological services for the civil aviation

Meteorological information is provided to the users in order to improve the safety, the regularity and the efficiency of civil aviation. Users of the meteorological information according to Ordinance No. 3 about the meteorological service for civil aviation are:

  • Aviation operators/ aircraft crews;
  • Air traffic service units (ATS units);
  • Search and rescue units;
  • Airports operators and administrations;
  • Other organisations related to the civil aviation which need meteorological information for the execution of their activities.

Meteorological information provided to the users consists of meteorological observations, reports and forecasts. The meteorological observations, reports and forecasts are prepared by the designated Aerodrome Meteorological Offices (AMO) or by the Meteorological Watch Office (MWO). The meteorological observations and reports are provided to the users according to the requirements of the ICAO international standards and recommended practices and the World Meteorological Organisation. In order to ensure the quality of the provided meteorological services a Quality Management System is implemented.