Air Traffic Service (ATS)

"Air Traffic Service" is a general term which in this case means:

  • Flight-information service,
  • Alerting service,
  • Consulting services of the air traffic,
  • Air traffic control
  • Area control,
  • Approach control
  • Aerodrome control.

Air traffic control is performed directly by the air traffic service units (ATS). According to the kind of service provided the following ATS units are established in BULATSA:

  • Aerodrome Control Tower (TWR) – providing service at the controlled aerodromes and in the airports areas;
  • Approach Control Unit (ACU) – providing service in the airports areas organised around the big international airports with intensive traffic;
  • Flight Information Centre – providing flight information and alerting services to the air traffic within the flight information region;
  • Area Control Centre – providing air traffic control service to controlled flights except for those to which aerodrome control service and approach control service is provided.

Air traffic control service is performed under procedures complying with the international standards and recommended practices of the International Civil Aviation Organisation, the European and the local legislation.