Air Navigation Services

Air Traffic Management

"Airspace Management" is a planning activity aimed at the most efficient use of the airspace.
The activities of airspace management include design of the structure of the airspace, take-off/landing procedures,
arrival/departure to/from the airports procedures, the air routes etc.

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Technical Activities

Set of activities related to determining the need, acquisition, installation and maintenance
operation of communication systems (ground-to-ground and air-to-ground), ground-based systems used for air navigation (at airports around airports and en route) and surveillance of airspace (for the purpose of air traffic control exercised by the authorities ATC).

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Information Systems

The main activity of the Information Systems Directorate is related to the provision of IT services in the system
of BULATSA, in order to ensure smooth operation of the ongoing working processes through implementation of modern information technologies and creation of the necessary environment for their optimal use.

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