Environmental Protection

Recognizing the need for concerted joint efforts for sustainable development, taking into account the continually increasing demand for air transport as a major contributor to the socio-economical development and the responsibility for minimizing the environmental impact, BULATSA management declares its environmental policy, taking responsibility for:

  •  Provision and development of air navigation services in Bulgarian/DANUBE FAB airspace, as to ensure reduced environmental pollution in collaboration with all interested parties, while keeping the safety paramount;
  • Compliance with all applicable legal and other internally adopted requirements, related to the identified significant environmental aspects, which BULATSA can control or influence;
  • Implementation and continual improvement of an environmental management system, compliant with the ISO 14001:2004 requirements, as part of our integrated management system;
  • Systematic monitoring of our environmental performance;
  • Encouragement of clients, suppliers and partners for responsible and collaborative environmental attitude.

In accordance with its environmental policy, BULATSA management defines the following environmental objectives and targets:

  • Planning, implementation and execution of actions and measures in the environmental area, commensurate with the European ATM Master Plan and the LSSIP;
  • Achievement of the performance targets for the environmental KPIs set in the National/FAB Performance Plan, according to the SES legislation;
  • Waste management and delivery to licensed reception facilities/companies;
  • Providing necessary staff training to ensure awareness and increased personal responsibility for the environment;
  • Execution of the current Environmental Impact Management Programme.

The environmental policy and targets of BULATSA are reviewed at least annually, to ensure they are up-to-date, adequate and appropriate. This environmental policy is communicated to all personnel, published in our intranet page and available to all interested parties through BULATSA web page.
BULATSA management is personally committed and accountable for the provision of the necessary resources and the implementation of this environmental policy.